By title, the Biblical material contained in all the StudyJesus iBooks on iTunes and Amazon is freely available in either the “Biblical Studies” or “Religion Library” sections of

From the beginning, it has been our aim to develop free Bible study material in a useable format. With this in mind, iBooks were generated from selected material on the website. However, as many of you know when placing an iBook on Amazon a price is required so a small cost of $1.99 per book was added. To be consistent we also placed that same small price on the iTunes books. It has never been our intention to charge for Biblical material no matter the format through which it is offered and that remains true pertaining to all material offered on the website. Regarding the small fee for the iBooks, though not tax deductible, we can assure you that the portion StudyJesus receives of your purchase will help to plant the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Over the years, users of this website have written asking how to contribute. Our response has always been to suggest helping orphans and widows which James points out is “Pure and undefiled religion” (1:27). This is still our first recommendation.

However, it is also true that every single Bible centered study offered through this website is freely available to everyone because beloved, like-minded friends cover the cost. For decades, the Lord has provided for these costs through friends donating what they can when they can. No one in this ministry receives payment, so please be assured that if you decide to help support this work by purchasing iBooks it won’t be giving to help us. Instead, you’ll be reaching out through us to those who look to us for Bible teaching. We continue to marvel at the Lord’s gracious provision, and are humbled by your generosity. Thanks for helping to sustain this ministry by purchasing iBooks.


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