Until completed, our first priority and primary focus is lesson preparation and site construction. Since coming online many years ago, much Biblical study data has been placed on the site, but much more is planned and now being developed. As a result, quick e-mail response is simply not possible due to limited time, limited resources and staff.

However, we want to know your thoughts about the website, including any questions you might desire to ask. So if you desire to contact StudyJesus.com for any reason, i.e., comments, questions, a website technical problem, etc., understanding that our response may take longer than usual, then please feel free to do so.

Please be aware that it is the policy of StudyJesus.com not to respond unless asked a Bible question. We follow this policy in order to honor the privacy of our online students in the hope of maintaining confidence and trust. Further, we believe it inappropriate to offer personal opinions in an attempt to explain or speak on behalf of specific religious groups or organizations.

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